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Jason| Charles Gordon Watt
DOB | 29-05-1975
Call | 0402 566 763
URI | RMH 2044065

Medical History

  1. Active fistula in top left arm
  2. Insulin Dependant Diabetic 1980
  3. Renal Transplant 2008
    4. Quadrupal Heart Bypass 2015
    5. EM Bowel complications 2015
    6. Pancreas Transplant 2017
    7. Pancrease removed (CMV) 2017
    8. Mild Heart Attack 2019

Medication List
1. Tacrolimus 1.5mg bd
2. Microphenalate 500mg bd
3. Pantaprazol 5mg morning
4. Asprin 40mg morning
5. Predmisalone 5mg morning
5. Atorvastatin 40mg Morning
7. Matoprolil 5mg bd
7. Nova Rapid 10 units 3 times
9. Lantis 8 units night

Domonic Chendemo

Last Updated
Feb 08 2020

Write NFC With Your Phone

writing to NFC products is now as simple as ever, with iPhone and Android devices

 Enable your device by downloading the NFC Tools App for IOS or Android;
 Press the 'create' NFC' button in the NFC Tools App
 Press write in the NFC Tools App, then tap your NFC product to transfer the data.

Read NFC With Your Phone

  •  Either enable natively by searching your settings for NFC, or download simply NFC - or NFC;
  •  Either activate the NFC App or open your phone and approach the NFC product - usually near your camera;
  •  The content or action encoded on the NFC chip will appear on your phone, then you can interact, share or save.

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All About NFC

This article includes some of the most common questions we get when talking NFC, from how it works to security. NFC s been around for a long time, so Google probably has more answers than we do, but unlike Google, you can allways feel free to call and chat with our team - 9am to 9pm 7 days a week.

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