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All About NFC

This article includes some of the most common questions we get when talking NFC, from how it works to security. NFC s been around for a long time, so Google probably has more answers than we do, but unlike Google, you can allways feel free to call and chat with our team - 9am to 9pm 7 days a week.

What is NFC?

NFC means Near Field Communication. It’s a tiny chip that stores information to give you a personalised experience. We can update it to provide discounts, special offers, ask you for information, give you instructions or tutorials and nake our products accessible.

How Does NFC Work?

The NFC chip works on a specific frequency, has no power source and is passive. This means it cannot send a signal out until  your NFC enabled device comes within 1 to 5 mm. Once activated your device extracts the information from the chip and the content appears on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device. Think of how a credit card works when you tap to pay, just the EFTPOS machine is the reader instead of your device.

Does It Steal My Information?

NO, the chip holds the content, but it can't send it anywhere without the power and connection from your NFC enabled device. It is exactly like a piece of paper or label, except it can only be read by activating the chip. In fact, it's possibly more secure than paper, because anyone who can see and read can look at your piece of paper.

However, some content sources may collect, store or use your data once you connect to the content. For example: I give you my NFC business card which you tap, and it takes you to my profile on Linked In. Because you have connected to the Linked In website it takes your IP address and certain other information from the device you are using. The content collected is usually detailed in the website privacy policy, but it is not the NFC Chip doing this, it is the website owner or your NFC enabled device.

The same is true for any content you connect to, so it is still important to trust the business asking you to tap their NFC tag or sticker, just as you would when you surf the internet (search Google).

Is NFC Secure?

It depends on what you mean by secure. We secure our NFC tags so they cannot be edited or written over by anyone but us, but of course we cannot speak for other businesses. The general process for this kind of technology is that businesses will encode them to a secure standard.

Yes, it is hackable, but the hacker must be incredibly close to do so – which is unlikely.