NFC 101

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Read NFC With Your Phone

  •  Either enable natively by searching your settings for NFC, or download simply NFC - or NFC;
  •  Either activate the NFC App or open your phone and approach the NFC product - usually near your camera;
  •  The content or action encoded on the NFC chip will appear on your phone, then you can interact, share or save.

Can IOS Read - Write NFC?

Yes, but unlike Android and Windows,  IOS is restricted to 'native reading of URL data only'. IOS can now write NFC tags so long as IOS 13 is running on a iPhone 7 or above. Other ways of reading and writing include using a encoder with your PC or Mac and using our recommended free reading app 'Simply NFC' App.

The only NFC writing app we recommend at the moment is NFC Tools for IOS - until Simply NFC release their next update with the write feature. 

A breakdown

A breakdown of iPhones to see what each can do with NFC.

ModelNFC CapabilityDetail
iPhone Xs or above Native read URL - write NDF Encoding - IOS 13+
iPhone X App required to read-write  NDF Encoding - IOS 13+
iPhone 8 - 8 plus App required to read-write NDF Encoding -  IOS13+
iPhone 7 - 7 plus App required for read-write NDF Encoding- IOS13+  

Note Although iPhone 6 and 6 SE can use the internal NFC for making payments, these phone's cannot in fact read NFC tags.

Which NFC chips are compatible with the iPhone?

The iPhone (from 7) are able to read NFC chips like:

  • NTAG®
  • ICODE®
  • MIFARE Classic®
  • MIFARE Ultralight®