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Write NFC With Your Phone

writing to NFC products is now as simple as ever, with iPhone and Android devices

 Enable your device by downloading the NFC Tools App for IOS or Android;
 Press the 'create' NFC' button in the NFC Tools App
 Press write in the NFC Tools App, then tap your NFC product to transfer the data.



Apple Icon. Content under this icon relates to Apple device users.
IOS 13+ users can download the following app to write to NFC products from iPhone 7 and above. Devices prior to iPhone 7 may read, but cannot write NFC. Users may download the following app until 'Simply NFC' releases their write capability.

 Get NFC Tools - IOS


Android Icon. Content under this icon relates to Android device users.
Android users can enable NFC on their device by searching settings for NFC. To enable writing, users will need to download the following app.

Get NFC Tools - Android