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06 Jun

Apple Announces IOS 13 Will Write To NFC

Finally! Apple recently told developers NFC write capability will be included in the IOS 13 release, which was announced at the latest Apple convention early June 2019. Android have been using NFC for over 5 years, but users of IOS devices have remained stuck outside the mainstream NFC technology race. In fact, in Australia most people use NFC, without knowing they could create their own - but for Apple holding back.

It's big, really big - because now the market is opening up NFC development can take a huge leap forward into the IOS space, where previously that user set could only ever read - much the same as the QR code.

The ramifications of this 'backroom' announcement will also be of considerable assistance to the blind or vision impaired community, where a very large percentage use iPhone - due to it's simplicity and highly advanced voice feedback features.