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NFC Starter Pack - 25 NFC products with ACR122 USB writer

NFC Starter Pack $80.00

  • 1x NFC Writer ACR122
  • 5x NFC Hang Tag with rope;
  • 5x 25mm NTAG 215 NFC Sticker;
  • 5x 25mm NTAG 213 NFC Sticker;
  • 5x 15mm NTAG 213 NFC Sticker;
  • 6 months TapMe NFC membership.


Our NFC pack will get you started with your very own encoder, 25 sample re-writable NFC products and 6 months of TapMe member discounts and support. We're here to help guide you through your very first NFC - 9am to 9pm 7 days a week - connect your phisical and digital world today!

The NFC Starter Pack does not work with your iPhone because iPhone and iPad cannot write the specific records to the NFC tag / chip. This pack works with your PC or Mac computer and some free accessible software, meaning you will be able to write to your own NFC products and read them with your iPhone 7 or above.

Apple is expected to open the NFC encoding (writing) feature in IOS 13, however currently all IOS users still need either a bluetooth device that only works with 1 or two apps, or a PC / Mac compatible USB reader-encoder and some free software.

How does it help?

This starter pack gives you everything you need to figure out nFC with our support to assist you become independent. The encoder is compatible with a huge range of NFC tags, including the most compatible NTAG series, the variety of NTAG NFC tags included will give you the best possible idea of what this technology can be used for and, once you have this pack you can create your own NFC - with anyone's NFC products... not just ours.

What does TapMe membership give me?

TapMe membership gives you access to discounts and technical support. For example:

  • Technical support by phone - 9am to 9pm 7 days a week (except ANZAC day);
  • Up to 25% off domains and web hosting packages;
  • Up to 25% off NFC products;
  • Listing in our NFC directory (for business)
  • Free access to Tap Me NFC events

What is technical support?

Technical support is essentially training and assisting you work through issues arrising as you become familiar with encoding. We also have experience training blind or vision impared individuals in how to encode and what software is best to use. Obviously we can provide some of this support as part of our customer service, but it's not allways possible if you're not using our products.