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25mm Round NTAG 2016 Tamper Proof NFC Sticker

NFC Sticker Tamper Proof $8.40

  • Round NFC sticker with our logo
  • 13.56MHz NXP NTAG 216 NFC Chip
  • Minimum order 1 Unit - 10 NFC stickers per unit
  • For everyone who needs tamper proof stickers for auditing, verification or holding secure information with a large storage capacity


This 25mm Tamper-proof round NFC sticker includes a universally compatible NTAG216 NFC chip and printed logo to tell your customers where they need to tap. the chip size and tamper proof features make this sticker the best option for any business who needs to know they have the capacity to store information on the chip instead of the cloud and specifically for uses such as:
  1. Electrical Certification;
  2. Medical prescription labels;

Contact Tap Me NFC to make sure you purchase the right NFC for your needs.



? Bytes (not characters)
Flexibility Fragile - Tamper proof
Frequency 13.56 MHz
From -25°C to 70°C
re-write capacity 100,000+re-writes
Chip Compatibility
Universal (all NFC phones)
Security and Chip ID Unique 7 byte ID number
Communication Rate
106 kbits/s
Transponder Ariel Matterial
Aluminum crimped coil
Password Protection Enabled
Supports IP54 Class
NFC Forum Standards Clasification Type 2

 25mm NFC Sticker

Type White sticker with burnt orange logo
25mm Round
Thickness 136 μm ± 10%
Anti Metal No. Not for use on metal
Waterproof Light rain and spray
Tamper proof
Yes. Coil breaks on removal
Face Matterial PET 12
Backing Matterial
Siliconized Paper 56
adheasive Matterial 3M' glu
Custom Logo Printing Blank, Transparent or Custom Available. Current Logo:
 tap me nfc logo   25mm Round NFC Sticker with NTAG2153 chip (showing corner)